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Samizdat is a borrowed Russian word, which was popularly introduced to the American language about 1960 by dissident reformers and disfranchised refuseniks, that means "unauthorized publication", and has become synonymous with "underground press". Such "unofficial literature" is often anti-propagandistic, and is usually pseudonymous or anonymous. Its existence is related to graffiti; and has implications for censorship and other freedom of expression issues, including political-correctness, disinformation, and imprimatur sanctions. The author, agent, or publisher of unauthorized writing may be known as "samizdatchik" (plural: "samizdatchiki")[cf: allonym, graffitist]; being any disseminator of materials from an unofficial or underground press.

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Public Notice: this writing and publishing website was compiled and posted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the MAPD program at the University of Baltimore, and has not been updated since 2002, despite a continuing interest and a plethora of material ... for which rueful apologies are tendered.

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