TeleComm Shorthand
Emoticon - IM - ASCII Art

The contraction for emote / emotion + icon; being a keyboard picture of a facial expression composed from punctuation characters, used in e-mail and other Internet communications to clarify "burst" speech or to express attitude and style. Emoticons, which are read sideways, signal the writer's mood, and assist the interpretation of ambiguous messages. See ASCII art, flame, instant messaging.

alienated ( <> .. <> )
angel 0:-)
angel O:-)
angel w/ glasses O8-)
angry (:-&
angry >:-<
angry :-||
angry ;-(
annoyed >:-(
anxious 8-[
aside comment :-Y
asleep |-|
asleep |I
astonished :C
astonished :-C
astonished 8-O
atomic bomb @==
baby ~:o
back to back ][
bandaid [comfort] (::()::)
beatup / beaten-up %+{
black eye ?(
black eye ?-(
blowing a kiss :-{}
bored : |
brain-dead %-6
clown *<|:-)
clowning :*)
cold (flu) :~)
cold (flu) :-~|
confused :~/
confused %-(
crying ;(
crying :,(
crying :.(
crying :\'
crying :\'(
crying :\'-(
death 8-#
deja vu :-| :-|
devil ]:->
happy devil ]:-)
happy devil >:-)
devilish <:->
devil wink >-)
devil wink >->
mischievous devil >:->
li'l devil >:)
just died X-(
disappointed :-e
disappointed :e
dunce <:-)
dunce <:-|
dunce <:-(
drunk %*}
egghead (:|
Elvis 5:-)
Elvis ~:-\
Elvis ~:\
exhausted :-6
face to face }{
female O+
female >-
party girl (6:-D)=3X>-
flame message ~==
flame message ~:-(
hot flame message ~~:-(
Frankenstein [:-|
frown :-(
frustrated }: [
funny :-D
not funny :/)
furious >>:-<<
furious >-<
giggles ^ ^ ^
glass empty \_/
glass full \~/
school graduate Q:-)
big grin =^D
happy :^D
having hard time :{
hats off to you d :-o
hear no evil :X}
Homer Simpson ( 8(|)
hug [ name ] , ( name )
hugs [[ name ]] , (( name )) , {{ name }}
hugs and kisses XOXOXOXO
hugs and kisses **(( name ))**
hung-over #-(
hung-over %-\
high-five ^5
indifferent :-|
infinity 8
ironic %-}
good grief! |-{ , |-S
kiss * , X
kiss :* , :X
kiss :-* , :-x
kisses =^*
kiss returned :**:
French kiss P*
puckered kiss :->*<
puckered kiss |-<*>
knight +<||-)
big laugh |-D
laughing :-D
laughter /\/\/\
licking lips [yummy] :-9
licking lips :-?
lit candle [flame] ~=
loudmouth :( )
mad >:-<
very mad ~ :-(
male O->
male :-
monk +<:-|
no comment {}
no smoking :/i
nun +<:-|
pondering :-I
pope +O:-)
professor 7B-D , 7B-)
punk =:-)
puzzlement :-S
puzzlement :-k
priest +:-)
propellerhead %(|:-)
punch in mouth :-+
punch in mouth :-#
punch in nose :+(
punch in nose :#(
raised eyebrow `:-)
robot [:|]
robot [8|]
Ronald Reagan 7:^)
rose @}->--
dozen roses 12x@>--->---
long-stemmed rose @>--->---
sad : (
sad (:-\
sad : [
very sad :-<
salute m:-)
Santa Claus *<:-)
sarcasm :-]
screaming :-@
sealed lips :-X
sealed lips = X
sealed lips :-#
see no evil m-)
see/hear/speak no evil (mXm)
shocked #:-o
shocked 8-o
shot in head *-|
shouting :-V
silly %-)
sleepy |( , |-(
smile : ) , ( :
blockhead smile [:-)]
mischievous smile :-}
one-sided smile :-j
one-sided smile :-l
self-satisfied smile [smug] :->
smile w/ hat & beard =|:-)=
smile w/ moustache :-{)
smile w/ moustache & beard :-{)}
smiley face :-) , (-:
smiley face (:-)
wry smile :-i
wry smile }-)
smirk :-,
smoker :-p~
smoker :-b~
smoker ~:~d
smoking :-Q~
snake ~~~~8} , ~~~~~~~~8}
snake ======:}
sniffles :-\'|
snoring |^o
snuffed candle [end flame message] -=
speak no evil :-m
square head / blockhead [:-]
stick out tongue :-f
stick out tongue :b , :-b , :p , :-p
stick out tongue :-r
stoned / drunk #-) , #-S
surprised = O
surprised :-O
tear :`-( , ;`-(
tear of joy :\'-)
thinking about money $-)
to be or not to be 2B|^2B , 2B/-2B
tongue hanging out :-Q
tongue in cheek ;-T
tongue in cheek :-J , :-j
tongue in cheek :-?
tongue-tied :-&
unhappy :-C
unhappy :-[
unsmiley :-t
unsmiley (:-( , (:-H
wearing WalkMan [:-)
what? :@ , :>
what?! :-s , :-S
wide-eyed / startled / wears glasses 8) , 8-) , 8| , 8-|
wink ["winkey"] ; ) , ;-)
winkey / winkie \') , \'-)
winking & laughing ;-D
wink w/ raspberry ; p
wizard -=#:-)
wizard 8 :-)
wow! 8-]
worked late [tired / exhausted] %-|
wry face :-/
yawn :-o , |-O
yuck >=^ p
yuck! 8-p
zonked / stoned #-) , #-S

A compact and deconstructed mode of rapid communication by e-mail or pager, using abbreviations and other shorthand in a "burst speech" subcultural creole; abbreviated "IM", also called "alphanumerish"; compare emoticon, notation, stenograph.
Also, an interactive conference method for personal or business contacts who share the same software (eg: AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!Pager, etc), being a fast and compact messaging system for pagers and online; see chatroom, IRC, newsgroup, thread, listserve, UseNet.

At Any Rate AAR
Alive And Smiling AAS
Any Day Now ADN
As Early As Possible AEAP
As Far As I Know AFAIK
Away From Keyboard AFK
As It Should Be AISB
All Of The Above AOTA
As Soon As Possible ASAP
Age/Sex/Location A/S/L
At The Moment ATM
Be B
Before B4
Back At Keyboard BAK
Business As Usual BAU
Be Back In A Few BBIAF
Be Back In A Minute BBIAM
Be Back Later BBL
Because BC , BEC
Be Seein' You BCNU
Beat Feet BF
Bye For Now BFN , B4N
Be Good or Be Gone! BG/BG
Best Of Luck BOL
Be Right Back BRB
But Then Again BTA
Been There, Done That BTDT
Been There, Done That - Got the Tee Shirt BTDT-GTTS
By The Way BTW
Correct Me If I'm Wrong CMIIW
Come On CMON
See You CU , CY , SY
See You Around CUA
See You Later CUL , CUL8R , CYL , CYL8R
See You Online CUO , CYO
Chat With You Later CWYL
Cover Your A** CYA
Don't Even Go There DEGT
Do I Know You? DIKU
Don't Quote Me On This DQMOT
Don't Think So DTS
E-Mail Address EMA
End Of Message EOM
First In, Still Here FISH
Fill In The Blank FITB
Falling Off My Chair Laughing FOMCL
For 4
Face To Face F2F
For What It's Worth FWIW
For Your Information FYI
Got To Go G2G
Go Ahead GA
Get A Life GAL
Goodbye GB
Go For It GFI , G4I
Good For You! GFU , G4U , GFY , G4Y
Gotta Go / Gotta Git GG
Give It A Rest GIAR
Great Minds Think Alike GMTA
Giggling Out Loud GOL
Grinning, Running and Ducking GR&D
Going To Read Mail GTRM
Have A Good Night HAGN
Have A Good One HAGO
Head Hanging In Shame HHIS
Hang-On / Hold-On H/O , H-O
How Are You? HRU
Hope This Helps HTH
Hang-Up [disconnect] H/U
In Any Case IAC
I'm Back IB
I See IC
It Could Be Worse ICBW
I Don't Know IDK
I Don't Think So IDTS
If I Remember Correctly IIRC
I Love You ILU
I Love You ILY
I am / Instant Message IM
In My/Our Humble Opinion IMHO , IOHO
In My Not So Humble Opinion IMNSHO
In My Opinion IMO
I'm Not A Lawyer INAL
In Other Words IOW
I Rest My Case IRMC
If You Say So IUSS
If You Know What I Mean IYKWIM
In Your Opinion IYO
If You Say So IYSS
Eyes IZ
Just A Second JAS
Just In Case JIK
Just Joking / Just Joking Around JJ , JJA
Just Kidding / Just Kidding Around JK , JKA
Just Playing / Just Playing Around JP , JPA
Keep In Touch KIT
Kiss On The Cheek KOTC
Quick KWIK
Know What I Mean? KWIM?
Later L8R
Later, Dude LD
Laughing My A** Off LMAO
Lots Of Laughs / Laughing Out Loud LOL
ListServe LSTSRV
Laugh To Myself LTM , L2M
Long Time No See LTNS
Male or Female? MorF
Miss You So Much MUSM
Mind Your Own Business MYOB
No Big Deal NBD
Any NE
Not In My BackYard NIMBY
Not Much Here NMH
None Of Your Business NOYB
No Problem NP
No Response Necessary NRN
No Sweat NS
Not Too Much N2M
Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide NTR/NTH
No Way NW
Oh, I See OIC
Oh, My God! OMG
One Of These Days OOTD
On The Other Hand OTOH
Off The Top Of My Head OTTOMH
Pretty Darn Quick PDQ
People PEEPS
Please Let Me Know PLMK
Pardon Me For Interrupting PMFI , PM4I
Pardon Me For Jumping In PMFJI , PM4JI
Put On A Happy Face POAHF
Praise The Lord PTL
Please eXplain That PXT
That Stinks! PU
Are R
Running And Ducking R&D
Regarding [about] RE
Reference / Referral REF
Remark REM
Real Life RL
Rolling My Eyes RME , RMIZ
Rolling On The Floor Laughing ROTFL
Real Soon Now RSN
Read The Funny Manual RTFM
Are You RU
Sorry, I Could Not Resist SICNR
Scratching My Head In Disbelief SMHID
Sweet Nothings SN
Screen Name S/N , [name]/SN
S**t Out of Luck SOL
Sick Of Me Yet? SOMY?
Help / Same Old Stuff SOS
Short Of Time, Must Go SOTMG
Same Place, Same Time SPST
Same Stuff, Different Day SSDD
Search The Web STW
See You In The Morning SUITM
See You Later SUL , SUL8R , SYL , SYL8R
That's All For Now TAFN , TA4N
Tomorrow Morning [a.m.] TAM
There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch TANSTAAFL
Take Care TC
Thank God It's Friday! TGIF
Thanks In Advance TIA , THX-ADV
Through THRU
Talk To You Later TLK2UL8R
Too Much Information TMI
Take My Word For It TMWFI , TMW4I
There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch TNSTAAFL
To 2
Tomorrow Night [p.m.] TPM
The Powers That Be TPTB
Ta Ta For Now TTFN , TT4N
These Things Take Time TTTT
Talk To You Later TTYL , T2YL8R
Talk To You Soon TTYS
Thank You TU , THXU
Thank You TY , THXY
Take Your Time TYT
Thank You Very Much TYVM , TUVM
You U
You've Got To Be Kidding UGTBK , UG2BK
You Gotta Be Kiddin' Me UGBKM
Use The Source, Luke [re: "Star Wars"] UTSL
You're Welcome YW , UW , YRW , URW
With W/
Wait A Minute WAM
Where Are You From? WAYF , WRUF
Welcome Back WB
What's In It For Me? WIIFM? , WII4M?
Without W/O
Way To Go! WTG
What The Heck WTH
What's Up? WU? , WUZUP? , WUZZUP?
What You See Is What You Get WYSIWYG , WUCIWUG
Where Are You From? WUF?
What's WUZ
What Would Jesus Do? WWJD?
Write When You Can WWYC , WWUC
Yet Another Bloody Acronym YABA
You'll Be Sorry YBS , UBS
You've Got To Be Kidding YGTBK , UG2BK
You Gotta Be Kiddin' Me YGBKM , UGBKM
Your Mileage May Vary YMMV
ASCII Art: Kilroy

The drawing of pictures and designs on a computer, using only ASCII alphanumeric characters. Using the HTML <PRE> tag, ASCII art can be displayed in text-based media on the web, as an alternative to graphical browsers, where other images cannot be shown. Many e-mail signatures include an ASCII art image. Compare emoticon; see illustration.

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